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About Us

Give credit where it’s due. Over the years I’ve watched my friends fight through the daily journey of surviving as a creative [producer, artist, etc.] and it’s given the perception of how the music industry sometimes undervalues creatives. I curated PAY US TODAY simply to express the frustration of what we go through. It’s a movement designed for different creatives in the world who are owed for their contributions to the culture. Hopefully we can make an impact together. Stay tuned for what’s coming.


Shakari “TRAKGIRL” Boles brings a versatile and dynamic dimension to the music industry through variety of genres. A music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Her skill with R&B, Hip‐ Hop and other genres as well as melody alignment makes her a highly sought‐after collaborator and influencer in the industry. Having worked with Timbaland, Omarion, Luke James and others, TRAKGIRL, is expanding her scope to include her platform to promote self-awareness and empowerment with a keen interest in innovative music technology.